youth for christ

Hong Kong

Because of you…

The ministry of Youth for Christ in Hong Kong reaches young people through school assemblies, concerts, evangelism & follow-up training, and volunteers training. They also do community outreach and have English tutorial classes.

Schools in Hong Kong are amazingly open to the Gospel. Youth for Christ is able to go into many secondary schools in Hong Kong and openly share the Gospel and then actually ask for young people to respond!

Hong Kong has a very effective program to involve overseas teams with their outreach ministries. They also have simple accommodation facilities for mission teams. Every year, Youth for Christ in Hong Kong receives many short-term overseas teams who are fully equipped with evangelism skills: music, mime, magic, etc. These teams must have a servant attitude and a deep burden for souls. As a result of joint efforts made by teams & Youth for Christ to reach high schoolers, many many teenagers come to know the Lord!

Prayer Needs
  • Staff guidance and decision making
  • Spiritual development of staff and volunteers
  • Continued training of staff and youth leaders